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Brony Movie Night 22/23th of January

Sorry for the delay on the new lotto all, but now it is finally here, the great, the fantastic, the astounding…Brony Movie Night lottery. So if you want a chance at winning, just go here and write your choices!

The Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and Friday is lotto night. These are this weeks movies:

Brony Movie Night 15/16th of January

After all those moonland movies we will now be returning to normal schedule, so back to tradition it is. Surely it will be two evenings of massive fun and determination is sure to rise. Also, remember to vote for what you would like to see and if Lady Luck likes you, it might just be your movie next week. So vote here! We will draw the winners on Januray the 16th!

The Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday. These are this weeks movies:

Lottery Winners on December 12

After all the holyday cheer it is soon time to begin the year with a classic Bronystate tradition. Next week we will be be doing Miyazaki Week, where we will be showing a whole ton of classic movies from the legendary director in chronological order. We will begin at 7:00 EDT each day from Monday to Thursday. We also remember your last lottery wins so for Friday (7:EDT) and Saturday (2:00 EDT) we will be showing the following movies and ponies:

Be sure to cast your vote in the next lottery
Drawings are on Januray the 8th

Disney Week

Starting Monday December 14th we will be kicking off our Disney December
Where each night we will show 2 Disney films begening at our normal
Friday Movie Night time of 7PM EST (4PM PST)

Bronystate 3.0 is done!

After a very long month, two hundred commits, and four thousand lines of code, I think we've arrived at a point where I can call Bronystate 3.0 complete!

How did we get here? Well we were running Wordpress since Bronystate 2.0's launch in March 2012, and unfortunately not all of us were quite savvy enough to know how to keep it updated properly. It finally bit us in the butt in November, but thanks to Saturn's quick work didn't result in disaster. Still, it showed us how much we needed to get rid of Wordpress, and start using a system all the staff could understand.

Keep on reading for a big list of all the new exciting things you can look at!

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Harry Potter Week

But wait! There's more!

Trilogy Summer is great and all but sometimes there's not just three movies in a series but four. Or six! Or twelve! We want to give them their chance too, since like trilogies they're part of a series no one wants to see just the third movie of or whatever, so we're having us another event!

For the week of December 7-11, we'll be showing the entirety of the Harry Potter franchise! Two movies back to back, every day at the usual Friday Night time. Eight movies, four days, with the usual Friday Movie Night capping off the week.

And the week after that? Well that's a surprise.

Stay tuned to Bronystate!

Lottery Winners on December 4

It's that time of the week again! Our winners for the December 11 and 12 movie nights are:

Be sure to cast your vote in the next lottery
Drawings are on December 12

Movie Night 4th/5th of December 2015

With such a shiny new site we need more shiny new lotteries so go here for the lottery

Last movie night we saw some truly strange visions of the future but now we shall be going to the past and the time when we all thought the world was going to end any day, the Cold War.

We will be showing Animalympics picked by Pokey, where we shall see animals compete for the greatest honour in sports (and was never show fully since Cold War). In the second film we will be going to space in The Right Stuff picked by richfiles, where we swill follow how America got to space (and naturally considering the time, a lot of the Cold War).

For the rather more peaceful world of Equestria (Twilight Sparkle making friends provided, naturally) we will see what is up about phonixes in A Bird in the Hoof picked by Shizuka and why a dragon shouldn't have a code in Spike at your Service picked by radiatedemotion.

So come join everyone for the Brony Movie Night at 7:00 PM EST this Friday or if it fits better, at the Euro Night at 2:00 PM EST on the Saturday.

Thanksgiving Week Movies

We know it's been a confusing couple of weeks, and in the mess of me building up the site last week we weren't able to get a lottery out in time for Friday. It's short notice, but here's a link for the Saturday lottery, for the December 4 movie night.

What's showing this week you ask? Well we had to pick, so we're going with a couple of our favorites:

Bronystate 3.0 is nearing completion

A site redesign is long overdue, and we're sick and tired of looking over our shoulders at the pile of hacks that was Bronystate 2.0, so we're doing it! Shizuka has been working hard every day putting things together, and is almost done with the major features of our first release.

This page will still change drastically between now and when she considers it "done", so look forward to these features still coming:

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