Brony Movie Night 22/23th of April

The Shocking revelation of a good Spike episode existing has ment that there is no pony episode this weekend sadly, tune in next week though for more Equestrian Fun!

We also have a somewhat different movie night this weekend since The Ten Commandments is so insanely long. Therefore we will be splitting the movie up so it covers both slots, the second pick of the lotto, Mystery Men, will be shown the week after.

Lottery for this weekend is right here and since it only takes 0.50 minutes to complete on avarage according to our statistics so you got no excuse not to tell us what movie you would wish for next week. Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and we will draw the lottery winners on the Saturday night, between movies.

Here is the movie night rundown: