Brony Movie Night 25/26th of March

Finally its time to begin again, season 6 is beginning right this Saturday. We can thank the princesses that this hiatus was so short. Now, if you might be wondering where you might be able to observe this fateful event, look no further, Bronystate got you covered. We will be streaming the premiere right here on the 26th of March 11:00 EDT, so come along and join us for some great stream and chat!

Naturally, your weekly movie nights will continue as usual, with a blast to the past with Flash Gordon and glorious spaceship action in Space Battleship Yamato. Lottery for this weekend is right here and it only takes 1 minute to complete on avarage according to our statistics so you got no excuse not to tell us what movie you would wish for next week. Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and we will draw the lottery winners on the Saturday evening, between movies.

Here is the movie night rundown: