Bronystate 3.0 is almost here

A site redesign is long overdue, and we're sick and tired of looking over our shoulders at the pile of hacks that was Bronystate 2.0, so we're doing it! Shizuka has been hard at work all week putting the new designs together, and we hope you like it!

This page may change drastically between the time you look now and when it's "finished", but look forward to these features we still have coming for you!

  • The front page is the theater page, no more separate pages, no more confusion!
  • New About Us, Rules, News, and Help pages
  • Clear Rules that are easier for everyone to understand and follow
  • Much easier update scheme for the staff, bringing bigger updates to you sooner than never!

PLEASE NOTE: All the old theater URLs are henceforth BROKEN, as we are using this single page setup for the stream and chat. We're going to see how the Saturday episode crowd handles the new system before exploring the possibility of special links to load theaters directly.

PLEASE update your bookmarks to point to this front page, and tell everyone you know that we've changed!

Stay tuned to Bronystate 3.0, where the fun only stops so long as Shizu has no caffeine.