Bronystate 3.0 is nearing completion

A site redesign is long overdue, and we're sick and tired of looking over our shoulders at the pile of hacks that was Bronystate 2.0, so we're doing it! Shizuka has been working hard every day putting things together, and is almost done with the major features of our first release.

This page will still change drastically between now and when she considers it "done", so look forward to these features still coming:

  • The front page is the theater page, no more separate theater pages
  • Countdown timers (you have no idea how much Javascript is a pain with time)
  • Public ban appeals
  • Easier switching of streams for staff
  • New About Us and Help pages
  • Redirects from the old theater pages to this page

You've already seen the new chat box connecting options, and have played around with showing and hiding the box (and if you haven't, click now!). We're mulling over the idea of a random channel button and bringing back a chat popout button, but we want to see how people actually use chat first. We strongly recommend you use your own client to connect if you really need chat in a separate window.

We use Google Analytics on site to gather metrics on how people are using the pages, which will greatly help us improve your site experience. You know us, we're not evil, and we will never put ads on the site, so we would appreciate if you allowed the Google Analytics script to run here on Bronystate. We guarantee we are only using it to make things better for you, our viewers. Feel free to continue blocking Ustream's ads, the jerks.

That's all for this update. News and lottery will be returning next, even though we don't have a lottery for this week. Countdown timers should be operational in time for the season finale, but Shizuka can make no promises.

Stay tuned to Bronystate, where the fun only doubles on days ending in Y!