Bronystate 3.0 is coming

A site redesign is long overdue, and we're sick and tired of looking over our shoulders at the pile of hacks that was Bronystate 2.0, so we're doing it! We're going to be working hard on getting everything running and looking pretty. And by "we" we of course mean Shizu, Saturn, and Phase.

This page might change drastically from the time you're looking now to when it's done, but look forward to these fantastic features we have planned!

  • The front page is the theater page!
  • Choose your chat room, or close the chat box entirely!
  • It will even remember your last choice!
  • Reader-friendlier rules!
  • A help page to get you up to snuff on IRC!
  • An actually up to date about page!
  • And all the same lottery and news no one reads, right here in this box!

And best of all, it's completely free! That's right, for the low low price of $0.00 you will get one Bronystate 3.0 Upgrade for life! Stay tuned to Bronystate, where the fun only stops temporarily!

Some restrictions apply. Results may vary. Void where prohibited.
Ask your doctor if Bronystate 3.0 is right for you.