Brony Movie Night 29/30th of April

At last after a terrible wait of 2 weeks, now pony has returned! It will all begin at 11:30 AM EDT right here on the stream. So come along and see what exciting new adventures our favourite equines will experiance. If you can't catch in the the early sun of the morning, worry not, we will replay the episode at the conclusion of our Euro Movie Night!

Lottery for this weekend is right here however since we continue last weeks lottery you do not need to vote again if you already did so since the 22nd. Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and we will draw the lottery winners on the Saturday night, between movies.

Here is the movie night rundown:

  • Mystery Men chosen by MinnesotaBrony
  • A mysterious modpick movie chosen by the mysterious mods
  • A strange pony episode chosen by the strange mods
  • A wonderous pony episode chosen by the wonderous mods