new Voting System and G5

There hasn't been an upate for a month now. But not to worry, there's a reason for it. We have decided that the old new Lottery/Voting System was a bit too cumbersome compared to how easy things /could/ be. So now, the entire Movie-Decition-Making-Process is done in Discord in the new movie-suggestions room (instructions found there!)

Today, or yesterday if my CET clock is to be believed, (It's way to late pls send help), the new MLP Movie for G5 got released and we fully intent to show it. When? NOW!.. and tomorrow. We'll be showing it alongside BMN and EMN this weekend, for EMN it will happen before regular Movies. That's 12:30 EST and 6:30 CET.

As for this weeks Movies:

Date First Movie Second Movie
Sep 24-25 Kingsman: The Golden Circle TOMMY