Voting for January's Movies

Hello, everyone! We've looked through your suggestions and we're ready for your votes!

Voting for this month's films is HERE! This month's theme is "RELUCTANCE". After such a tough year, it's understandable if you don't want to get up and do much. That's why this month, we're going to watch some films featuring protagonists who are content with their lives, and aren't looking for big life changes. But sometimes, life comes at you fast, and you're forced to rise to the occasion! Or maybe it doesn't, and you'd prefer to watch everyday people stay ordinary. It's up to you!

This poll will be closed on January 13th, so be sure to vote before then!

As for this weekend, we've got two films already lined up!

Date First Movie Second Movie 1st Pony Episode 2nd Pony Episode
Jan 8-9 Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) John Wick (2014) MLP FiM 6x15 - 28 Pranks Later MLP FiM 6x16 - The Times They Are a Changeling

Brony Movie Night will be at its usual time: 7:00 EDT on Friday, and 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday. All of the films for next month will be announced in our next news post. Hope to see you then!