Voting for October's Movies

Hello, everyone! We've looked through your suggestions and we're ready for your votes!

Voting for this month's films is HERE! This month's theme is "ROAD TRIP". Ordinarily this is the month for "spooky" themes, but it's been kind of a spooky year in general, so let's go with something different. Let's just hop in a car and take a road trip. We can go across the state, across the country, or around the world for all it matters!

This poll will be closed on October 12th, so be sure to vote before then!

As for this weekend, we've got two nautical films already lined up!

Date First Movie Second Movie 1st Pony Episode 2nd Pony Episode
Oct 11-12 The Blues Brothers (1980) Smokey and the Bandit (1977) MLP FiM 5x17 - Brotherhooves Social MLP FiM 5x18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Brony Movie Night will be at its usual time: 7:00 EDT on Friday, and 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday. All of the films for next month will be announced in our next news post. Hope to see you then!