Voting for February's Movies

Hello, everyone! Here's the newest round of polls!

If you'd like to submit a suggestion for next month's movie list, you can find that HERE. Next month's theme is "LABORS OF LOVE". We're looking for films in which the creators poured their heart and soul into the project, and it shows with the high quality of the final result! Think as broadly as you like with this one, as there are many movies out there whose creators clearly put forth all of their creative efforts in bringing their pet projects to life!

This submission form will be closed for pre-screening and selection on January 28th, so make sure to vote before then, because you'll be voting on your suggestions very soon after it closes!

Brony Movie Night will be at its usual time: 7:00 EDT on Friday, and 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday. All of the films for next month will be announced in our next news post. Hope to see you then!