Brony Movie Night 19th/20th of August

Settle in with us for the 2006 Death Note movie, and Inside Out. I can't wait to watch Joy get rid of her enemies with the death note while Fear and Anger try to figure out who's responsible for all the killings.

Your pony episodes for the week are the two part from season 4 premiere, Princess Twilight Sparkle Parts 1 & 2. Be sure to also join us Saturday morning at 11:30am EST for an all new episode of ponies.

Lottery for this weekend is right here! Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and we will draw the lottery winners on Saturday, between movies. There will also be an encore of the new episode after Saturdays showing.

Here's our lineup for this week's movie nights