Movie Night 4th/5th of December 2015

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Last movie night we saw some truly strange visions of the future but now we shall be going to the past and the time when we all thought the world was going to end any day, the Cold War.

We will be showing Animalympics picked by Pokey, where we shall see animals compete for the greatest honour in sports (and was never show fully since Cold War). In the second film we will be going to space in The Right Stuff picked by richfiles, where we swill follow how America got to space (and naturally considering the time, a lot of the Cold War).

For the rather more peaceful world of Equestria (Twilight Sparkle making friends provided, naturally) we will see what is up about phonixes in A Bird in the Hoof picked by Shizuka and why a dragon shouldn't have a code in Spike at your Service picked by radiatedemotion.

So come join everyone for the Brony Movie Night at 7:00 PM EST this Friday or if it fits better, at the Euro Night at 2:00 PM EST on the Saturday.